Paperless Invoicing

At LB Office, our mission is to constantly discover new, unique and creative ways to ensure our customers’ buying experience is quick and convenient. One way we are addressing the ever-changing needs of our customers is through our introduction of paperless invoicing, statements/account balances, order acknowledgements, quotes and credits.

Why Go Paperless?

Check Account Detail Information with Ease: You will be able to readily access all of your statements online through our ordering site under your account, and receive all other information (invoices, order acknowledgements, quotes and credits) electronically per your demand! Easily stay up-to-date on your account by going paperless. We will do whatever is most convenient for you!

You Simply Use Less Paper: You will be able to reduce the amount of mail you have to sift through while helping keep the environment clean!

Quick Invoice Access: You will receive electronic invoices same-day, versus receiving them next-day in the mail!