Electronics / Toner Recycling

With so many companies watching their bottom lines, please be aware you
DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING to recycle your electronics or used toner!
Let LB Office make recycling easy for you!

Why You Should Recycle:

  • Manufacturing new toner cartridges requires 400% more energy and resources than re-manufacturing used cartridges to original OEM specs.  Recycling one used toner cartridge saves 3.5 quarts of oil needed to produce plastic for one new cartridge.
  • One ton of recycled cell phones yields $15,000 in precious metals.
  • Recovering aluminum from used electronics saves 90% of the energy it takes to mine new aluminum.

What We Accept:

  • Desktop PCs & Workstations- Notebooks, Laptops, & Tablet PCs
  • LCD Monitors, Servers & External Hard Drives
  • Inkjet & Laser Printers
  • Speakers, Keyboards, Mice & Scanners
  • Ink/ Toner Cartridges (Please Bag Leaking Cartridges)
  • Audio, Video & Projection Equipment/Stereo Receivers
  • Cameras- Both Old Style and Digital
  • PDAs & Cell Phones- Both Old Style & New “Smart Phones”
  • Calculators-Desk & Handheld
  • All Drives- CD, DVD, Hard & Floppy Disks
  • All Cord/Wire- Computer, Electrical, Cable
  • Any Miscellaneous Electronic Small Items-Digital Picture Frames, Clocks, CD Players, Etc.

What You Need To Do:

  1. Stack or box your items (No sorting is required with the exception of boxing/bagging ink cartridges and batteries separately).
  2. Put them in an area you designate for recycling.
  3. Email us a photo or list of the items you want picked-up and recycled.
  4. We will pick-up your items, and you will receive confirmation that we received them.

What We Will Do:

  • Your items will be cleared of all information-all drives will be drilled and rendered useless.
  • Your items will not be retailed!
  • You will receive a Recycle Certificate stating you properly disposed of your items.

*Please note that LB Office is not responsible/liable for any stolen information*
*This is a local service offered to customers in the tri-county area*